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Dr. Elizabeth Barnby


President and Treasurer

Dr. Elizabeth Barnby was not always a doctor of nursing practice, first she was the wife of Stuart Barnby and the mother of three children. It was her experience of raising two children with Tyrosinemia that inspired her to continue her education, especially regarding Tyrosinemia. Her children are now all adults, so she wishes to volunteer her time to the Tyrosinemia Society, Inc. When not volunteering her time with TS, Inc. she works as a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) teaching in both the graduate and undergraduate programs.

Dr. Barnby also practices in a primary care clinic near her home in Meridianville, Alabama as a nurse practitioner. The clinic is called "The Doctor's Office". Dr. Barnby also enjoys doing research with other professors at UAH and other research institutions regarding Tyrosinemia and other genetic disorders. She has published approximately nine manuscripts and has three articles in print regarding Tyrosinemia. She is presently working with Dr. Baudry and Dr. Gordon MacGregor and hopes to publish new findings regarding Tyrosinemia soon. Dr. Barnby does not receive any funding for research from Tyrosinemia Society, Inc. Most of the research funding she has received have been small internal grants from the University in which she teaches. She is grateful for the support of all of her peers at UAH. Dr. Barnby was recently invited to join the Society of Inherited Metabolic Disorders (SIMD), and she hopes to contribute to the Society as a Nurse Clinician, Researcher, and Advocate.

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