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Dr. Casey Norris


Board Member

Dr. Casey Norris is a Clinical Associate Professor at The University of Tennessee Knoxville where she teaches in the traditional and accelerated BSN programs. Dr. Norris obtained her Bachelor of Science in nursing from Troy State University in 1994. She worked as a pediatric and nursery nurse until obtaining her Master of Science in Nursing as a Clinical Nurse Specialist with a focus on women, infants, and children from Clemson University in 2001. She then worked as a pediatric pulmonary Clinical Nurse Specialist at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital until moving to Huntsville, Alabama where she worked at the University of Alabama in Huntsville while obtaining her Doctor of Nursing Practice with a clinical focus on pediatric airway clearance in 2017. While there she taught in the undergraduate BSN program, DNP program, and RN-BSN programs. She lives in Maryville, Tennessee with her husband, two children, and dogs. Dr. Norris is an expert clinician and teacher of pediatric nursing. Dr. Norris served as the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic Coordinator and the at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Cystic Fibrosis is also a hereditary disease like the Tyrosinemia’s and Dr. Norris is committed to serving children and families affected by hereditable disorders of childhood. She will be an asset to the board of the Tyrosinemia Society.

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