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Dr. Mark Reynolds


Vice President and Secretary

Dr. Mark Reynolds serves as the Vice President and Secretary of the Tyrosinemia Society, Incorporated. Dr. Reynolds assists with the administrative and secretarial duties of the organization to ensure it runs smoothy. Dr. Reynolds is interested in advocating for children and families affected by Tyrosinema and other rare diseases.

Dr. Reynolds serves as a full-time nurse educator at the University of Alabama in Huntsville where he is both a Clinical Assistant Professor and the RN-BSN Program Coordinator. Dr. Reynolds teaches across both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Reynolds has been a full-time professional nurse educator for more than 12 years. and holds a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on Leadership in Healthcare Systems as well as a Doctor of Nursing Practice.  Dr. Reynolds is a highly ethical servant leader. He has experience running many university student organizations and is very familiar with meeting management and ethical healthcare business practices. Dr. Reynolds is a Certified Online Instructor and holds a Certificate in Nursing Education. His expertise at online education and training will be critical to the design of our webpage and the advocacy work necessary for Tyrosinemia Society, Inc.

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